When They Are Not On Your Head

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My backpack is the greatest thing. It holds just about everything I might think I want during any given day. The laptop pocket is just the right size to hold my noise canceling headphones safely as well as my IPad. A windbreaker, other things like sunglasses, beanies and what not. That’s all well and good but there are a lot of times when you just need enough room to carry a water bottle, your headgear, and maybe a few small items.

So my job has me on my feet most of the day. Most days begin with me using a backpack blower to clear walkways then mowing, weed eating and carrying off bramble. My noise canceling Bluetooth headphones are essential in my opinion, both for the noise they block out and the tunes they bring in. Safety glasses and gloves have to be included. We all have our own list of essential items that we like to have readily accessible and that list is going to change as the tasks that we need to perform change.

Fanny packs to the rescue! And they come in all sizes and by so many names and colors and varieties that there have to be at least 4 out there that you will like; that will serve your purpose. Some have as much carrying capacity as a day pack (or more) while others are challenged to fit the modern cellphone, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what your needs are. Suiting the material of construction to the environment it would be exposed to while providing enough space and protection to house your stuff. Oh, and it needs to look good doing it. Just some of the requirements we place on our stuff, and did I mention that it fits in my backpack as well? Cool Beans!

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