Bagging the Right Bag

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Each of us in the course of activities needs to carry stuff, whether its just our daily articles or specific things for a task. The environments that we go into can be mild to extreme and the articles we carry determine the appropriate bag. Factors to consider such as ease of access need to be addressed. Getting camera equipment out in time, quickly and quietly, for that once in a lifetime shot is a must! Enough pockets of the right size to stow those necessities and accessories as well as comfortable straps that allow it to hang where it is supposed to. Durable enough to handle the wear and tear yet still light enough to not be a nuisance.

I believe each of us are experts on what we need yet are continually frustrated. The right bag is so subjective, backpacks aren’t always practical, sling bags have a way of being not right for me. Fanny packs can be so bulky and clumsy sometimes and still provide enough space for those certain items. Drop leg pouches and bags look great but getting called Rambo on a daily basis might get old. Of course if you are wearing your kilt a sporran is necessary though really lacks little carrying capacity. From hunting rocks to carrying gear each task we ask of our bags is different.

There is no perfect bag, I have a closet full to attest to that. Each was purchased through out the years with that child like glow of adventure, each envisioned to be the best yet somehow fell short of the mark and got relegated to the dark confines of the closet where the mountain air is replaced by the smell of musty old boots. To be brought out only in emergency situations and at those times you would remember either fondly because it rode well and didn’t pinch or chaff or that it was just a bag to put stuff in because it was too uncomfortable to use but you felt guilty because you paid good money for it thinking it was the cats pajama’s at the time. Whatever the case may be, the quest will continue for that certain bag that most fits our needs and budgets and while we are hunting, maybe even learn something about ourselves by looking at the baggage that we carry and how we carry it. Until next time…

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