From Branches and Vines To Modern Canvas

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It is hard to imagine a time when we couldn’t carry around our stuff. Imagine if you had to weave a bunch of branches and vines together to be mobile. Constantly having to replace parts of it that become brittle and broke. Only able to carry larger items that won’t fall through the laced up basket style bag. We are so fortunate to have the modern materials we have. I personally have been a canvas person. Growing up rock hounding we would always use surplus military bags. The rugged construction of these bags allowed them to function for years without wearing through. Which is surprising to me now as I know we were never gentle on them and jagged rocks generally have more character, right?
Fortunately my day to day carry’s aren’t as heavy nor as sharp, but I still expect durability. Snaps that snap and stay snapped until you unsnap them. Zippers in appropriate places that don’t get stressed and break. Pockets that are accessible yet not so bulky that they hang out from the pack so far that you need an acre to turn around. Straps that are wide enough to take the load and distribute it comfortably while still not being overly bulky with padding. A carry handle on top to make it easier to just grab and go is a feature I really love. I end up using it more as I go from house to truck to work and back. Having the back pack straps to be easily shortened and tucked away keeps it much more compact when I’m using my pack in this manner.
So many factors are involved in selecting the right bag for you and what you need or want to carry. So many manufacturers are out there making quality bags in different styles. It is a never ending quest for me and you, trying to find that just right bag that will take us down the road. At, we continually add bags of different styles and materials, like canvas, leather, nylon, hemp and polyester. We want you to be comfortable, packed light or heavy and look good. Wherever life takes you, you need a great bag! Life Travels. Life Needs Bags!

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