Shake Off The Dust And Check The Seams

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It’s time to shake off the dust from our summer trips and get ready for those Fall adventures. Summer has been rough on some of those bags. Been drug across rocks, hauled up ropes and dropped down holes carrying all of that stuff that makes a morning truly refreshing. Now, as with all things, they need a little maintenance as well as a thorough inspection. The last thing you want is for something to fail when you are out on your next jaunt. Turn it inside out if you can and check the seams and the stress points for signs of wear and tear. As dusty as my bags get I sometimes take them to the air compressor and give them a thorough dusting. Spots should be removed according to type of material. Mild dilutions of soap such as Dr Bronner’s can often be used. Of course check with the manufacturers handling instructions. Look at the material and see if it is thinning in areas from use. Modern materials are amazing and it is important to care for them properly if we want them to endure.

All of our gear I guess is that way. We take care of it and it will take care of us. And once you have found that bag you like as your personal carry, you do what you can to make it last. Regular upkeep on those things that help us get down the trail is important. We trust our bags to securely hold those things that we want to have with us, having something fall out and become worthless trash to pick up is not fun. Especially if it was an expensive tool and you packed it a long ways to use it. Maintenance cannot prevent mishaps but knowing the condition of your gear could prevent you from carelessly trusting what has always worked before. can supply you with that all necessary bag you need for that security. Whether you are looking for a back pack, shoulder pack, pouch, day pack or tote, we have a great selection to fit your need. There is something for every budget and every style. We care about the comfort and style in your life. And Life Travels. Life Needs Bags!

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