Multipurpose Canvas Khaki Outdoor Daypack

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What a good-looking pack in my opinion! I really like the color though I’m sure the monitor makes it look a
bit different. It appears very well made and I like the lay out of the front of the bag. The front pocket seems
to be the right size for the small items that I want to have close at hand and the zippered main
compartments are structured so that when the pack is full, the stress is on the retention straps to the side
rather than on the zipper. A large carry handle on the top as well as a loop for hanging the pack are
convenient for quick grabbing while the wide backpack straps will prevent the load from biting in on your
shoulders. The waist strap comes in handy when you are wearing the pack and you need it to not flop
around and throw off your center of gravity.
I like the outside cordage. I had a pack once that had something similar. On those days when you would
start out and you would need a light jacket and as the day wore on you had to shed it. Weaving your rolled
up jacket through the cords secured it quickly and thoroughly and you were back on your way. There are
several convenient places to attach things located on the front panel with a variety of different styled
buckles. One smaller one would be appropriate for keys while the wider of the two on the front pocket is a
non-opening D ring style. Above these two, on the panel above the pockets, is another attachment point
capable of receiving small diameter rope. I would like to see these items more closely sometime and see
the way they are secured but I must say I am intrigued. Is it functional or is it mainly just cute? I like the
idea but is it reinforced enough on the backside to sustain the weight of the contents? Birthday list keeps
getting bigger or will it be Christmas?
So many cool backpacks out there like this one to try. I’m looking forward to doing so. Maybe someday I will
find just the right one. I know that as we evolve and change, the things we like will also change and so we
will need new ways of carrying stuff. Maybe a hover pack is in my future, I would love to review something
like that. We don’t have hover bags at, but we have just about any other type of bag
you could possibly want! Handbags, messenger bags, back packs, pouches of all kinds, lunch bags, dry
bags, camera bags and more. We know the importance of your ‘stuff’ when you travel. We know you want
your ‘stuff’ to be safe and convenient. When you are on the go, that’s travelling! Life Travels. Life Needs
Bags. Check out today!

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