Retro Laptop Backpack, Canvas Rucksack

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Another of the heavy haulers, this backpack can handle a lot plus some. Made from washed canvas, this durable bag has the capacity you need! The “Crazy Horse” leather straps give it a nice look and feel. The dual leather straps have both buckles and snaps to hold the pack closed, so once you have sized the straps for the load you can just unsnap the brass snaps under the buckle, and voila, there you are! At your stuff in no time flat. There are outside pockets and a zippered pocket on the exterior that allow you access to those small to mid-sized objects you might need. A cool pack in my opinion partly because it reminds me of one that one of my brothers had growing up. We usually ran a trap line during the winter and so this meant each morning, very early we would have to go and walk the line and collect or reset any of the devices. The bag made it quite handy just to have all the tools you might need in the bag, and you could just leave it in the truck or tack room until the next day’s use.


I love backpacks. Put the straps over your shoulders and both hands are free to do whatever you need to do. Pack it correctly and everything you might need for a day, or a week can be with you. Have strategy when you load, and you won’t have to dig to the bottom for something you know you will need before the end of the day. Organize your stuff into smaller parcels and bags that are more easily managed and then they are easier to reach when you reach into your pack. Just simple things that can make any outing more convenient and thus making them more enjoyable and desirous to do. Having gear that will help you enjoy yourself when you are out is important. Whether you are out for pleasure or work, having reliable equipment is a requirement. Failure in the field could cause you to have to leave something or lose something and that wouldn’t be cool. As users, we check our stuff before we travel and after we come back to avoid such circumstances and we purchase as good of quality of gear as we can afford when we do make our purchases. Seems like common sense but some of these lessons may take a lifetime to learn, I know I still have a long way to go. See you down the trail.  To get this backpack or others like it, go to and have a look before you travel. Because Life Travels. Life Needs Bags.

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